Reseller Terms

In this section, we inform you that you must pay any reseller who accepts Guest Posts from us within the payment deadline. If someone pays by the deadline, the link to their post will be taken down and republished when they pay for their targeted due links.

Adhere To The List Of Sites?

Before sending articles, one more thing to think about is always looking at our site list to get an idea of how much each site costs. Because our prices are the cheapest and most competitive about market value, and because the price cannot be changed, prices on some websites will fluctuate depending on administrative decisions.

This is why you should keep an eye on the list on the website. This thoughtful note will keep you from having any problems with us.

Why Were The Links To Your Posts Removed?

Note that resellers will have three days to clear their payments if they receive an invoice after live links. Their posts will be deleted immediately following the payment deadline if they cannot pay.

This indicates that your posts were removed due to an unpaid issue. This standard should be applied to all clients. It is a strict rule for everyone.

Link Insert/Niche-Edit Removal Request

If you take posts from our sites and see live links, you can’t ask us to remove those links if you see additional unknown backlinks on the bar after a few months. You must mention it when you send the article to us if you want to avoid niche editing and link insertion from your post because we allow niche editing on our existing pieces.

You will be required to pay an additional fee for doing so. After some discussion, the price will be set based on your backlink with us.

Pre-Payment Process

Suppose you send a single order with an estimated value of less than 20 to 40 USD. However, you will need to pay a prepayment before we can provide live links for any orders that exceed 60 USD in total, whether they are a batch or a single charge.

To be informed of the most current site rates, you must follow up on our list, as previously stated.